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A new life post chickens

I was going to tell you faithful readers, all 4 of you, about the red hawks that would show up at my house each morning looking for a chicken breakfast. I would look out my window and noticed that all the chickens were huddled in a corner looking skyward. Confused, I would run outside and come face to face with a family of hawks. I tried shooing them away with my hands a la a traffic controller...I tried sweeping the air with my broom. But they weren't intimidated by me. They just stared at the crazy lady who was apparently acting out a pantomime. They seemed entertained. So, with the knowledge that eventually I would witness a chicken flying by my window on it's journey to death...I found a home for all of them. A wonderful lady I met in a walmart who had chickens, didn't believe in killing chickens and who had lots of land with other chickens and ducks and a pond. It was a lucky find.

Those of you who like happy endings and funny stories might want to look away. Since i've parted ways with my chickens my life has taken a 180 to the horrible side of life. I'm not going to make a new journal to document what's happened in my life I'm just going to use this one. I'm going to tell you things that have happened...the good, the bad and the ugly. I hope you stay tuned.


Chick Pics

They're Back!

The month of July brings many things. Fireworks, BBQ's and, in my area, a huge nightmare of a bug called a Palo Verde Root Borer.
The Palo Verde beetle is a hard shelled bug that can grow as long as 6 inches and have a terrible bite. The grubs feed on the root
system of Palo Verde trees for as long as 3 years.

Then, in July, they emerge from the ground at the base of the tree and search for mates. They search by flying around at eye level bumping into anything that gets in the way. I've walked up to a couple I thought were dead but were not. Apparently, they were just charging up their beetle batteries by being very still and then zooming away in flight.  Many nights during the monsoon season i've walked into my dark garage to hear the clicking sound of little Palo Verde Beetle feet on the cement. They're also hard to kill. I've only killed out of fright and it took about 5 hits of Dave's size 13 shoes to finish it off.

I'm sure they have their uses but I could do without them. Many people claim that the first storm of the monsoon season happens about 2 weeks after the arrival of the Palo Verde Beetle. Hopefully that's true because I for one cannot wait for the storms.

Close Call

The following pictures where taken on Dave's game camera in Young Arizona. Note the times.

Firework Fiasco

I had the bright idea to travel to New Mexico to acquire some fireworks for use at my house this coming Fourth of July. I mainly wanted sparklers and snakes for the grandkids. Dave wanted explosions and guy things but since he wasn't going on this trip, he had no say.  I left my house at 3:00 a.m. and drove to Safford to pick up my sister Laurie for the trip to Lordsburg across the border in New Mexico. It was approximately 225 miles from house to the firework promised land. My mom wanted no part of this illegal bootleg trip but she didn't object to my going. She just worried and counseled and waved goodbye. It was a pleasant trip to Lordsburg and went by quickly. I assumed I would find road side firework stands but we didn't see one the whole way to the city. Once there we found a "warehouse" pyrotechnic store that was in reality a converted gas station. I loaded up on booty and we headed back to Safford. About six miles from the Arizona state line, we were pleased to be able to meet one of New Mexico's finest.
I had seen the officer ahead of me pulling over a minivan van and I moved into the oncoming traffic lane to give the officer a wide berth since he was out of his car standing by the other car. I was shocked to see the officer furiously waving me over to the side of the road. I remarked to my sister that he looked like a nazi and that for some reason we were in trouble. My first thought was that we were going to firework jail. After realizing that we were still in New Mexico where fireworks are legal, we figured it must be the limo tint on my windows. We just couldn't work out what we had done wrong.

When the officer walked up to me to ask for my drivers license, he informed me that I was speeding and then walked off to run my rap sheet. I didn't think I had been speeding and I didn't think that he could tell me I was speeding since he was miles and miles ahead of me. After issuing a ticket to the minivan he approached me again. I asked him how bad it was. His reply? "You're going to have to come with me, you're going to jail". I immediately started crying and he started laughing. "I'm just kidding", he said. For the record, I didn't find it funny. My sister, however, thought it was hilarious. He said I was going 86 mph in a 65 mph zone. He said it was going to cost $160.00. I blamed my husband for putting a lift and big tires on my truck. He didn't care. We ended up talking for a while and he was a pretty decent guy just doing his job. He didn't cut me a break though. I asked if I could take his picture for my blog and he told me that his picture had been taken a lot and posted all over Facebook and he would like to decline my request. I wondered about that for a while. How popular is Officer Jensen? Who is snapping his pic and plastering it all over the net? I'll have to investigate this further. We said goodbye and I headed home lighter in the wallet and still carrying contraband fireworks. It was about 6 p.m. by the time I got back to my house. I laid out my pyrotechnics on the kitchen table and decided then and there that we should just support our local officially sanctioned firework display.

P.S. New Mexico..... Please take my $160.00 and repaint your sign.



Rainy Arizona Weather

Fall rain in the foothills outside of Safford.

Arizona Extremes

The following pictures were taken during the last 6 years on my way to Safford, Arizona.  The first set depicts the 2004 Nuttall Complex Fire on Mt. Graham in Safford. The fire was devastating and covered over 29,000 acres. It was started by lightning on July 1, 2004 and finally ended July 19, 2004. The first picture is the mountain as seen from Pima, Arizona. In the second picture the donkey seems to wondering why i'm bothering to take his picture while there is a fire going on. The third picture is of a Santa Gertrudis bull. You get a Santa Gertrudis by breeding a Brahman bull with a Beef Shorthorn cow. This bull doesn't look too happy i'm taking his picture but, since I can run faster than Dave, I wasn't worried. If I were to ever move out of the city to the country, I plan on getting Santa Gertrudis as my herd.  The fourth picture is another view of the fire. It was very sad to see Mt. Graham on fire. At night the entire mountain glowed. All in all we were lucky in that the cabins weren't affected. The rest of the pictures are of the rare snowfalls that our part of the state experience. The pictures are of the Gila River in Safford, the Red Knolls in Eden and a view from the front seat as I drove through Devil's Canyon on my way towards Globe.

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